3 Ways to Speed Up Mobile Game Development with ChatGPT

October 11, 2023

The mobile gaming industry is continuously growing, with new genres emerging and the user base expanding rapidly. Consequently, the advantages of AI are also being harnessed within the mobile gaming sector, aiding developers in streamlining their processes and generating innovative ideas more efficiently. Given the current state of the market, ChatGPT is an indispensable tool that you should include in your toolkit. In this article, we will dive into three crucial ways in which ChatGPT can greatly speed up your game development process according to CrazyLabs’ Director of Innovation, Nir Miretzky.

Brainstorming Made Easy

ChatGPT excels at generating game ideas and expanding upon concepts. You can kickstart your mobile game brainstorming process by asking ChatGPT to suggest game genres, themes, mechanics, settings, characters and more. 

What’s important is to be as specific as possible to help you generate the best ideas possible and ask for game ideas that touch upon specific trends in your query. ChatGPT can provide information on popular game genres and emerging niches (don’t forget that ChatGPT’s free version has info as of 2021). 

This can assist you in coming up with ideas that meet current market conditions. Make sure to use the most updated version of ChatGPT, version 4 to access the best ideas and most reliable info. 

Pro tip: Ask to combine mechanics or genres. Mobile games are versatile and can blend various genres and or mechanics to create a ‘richer’ gameplay experience. ChatGPT can help you explore genre combinations that you may not have considered. You can ask the AI for ideas like “Combine narrative and puzzle genres for a mobile game” to discover innovative ways to merge genres and create compelling gameplay.

Lastly, once you’ve developed your mobile game idea, ChatGPT can serve as a valuable feedback partner. Share your concept with the AI to get constructive input and identify areas for improvement. The AI’s unbiased perspective can help you refine your game concept for maximum player engagement.

Mobile Game Storefront Setup 

There are various ways in which you can utilize ChatGPT to speed up your game’s storefront setup. 

Game Title: You can use ChatGPT to help you come up with ideas for your game’s name. The way to go about this is to first describe your game, and ask for iterations (e.g., Candy Crush, CopyCat) and answers. See below an example of what we inputted into ChatGPT:

Please give me 5 options for a two word name for a hyper-casual game, it’s a puzzle and the player needs to arrange people inside offices by departments.

ChatGPT’s answer: Certainly! Here are five two-word name options for your mobile puzzle game where players arrange people inside offices by departments:

  • Office Odyssey
  • Department Dynamo
  • Cubicle Conundrum
  • Desk Dispatch
  • Workforce Wonderland

Make sure to check the names on iOS and GP stores to make sure it’s free before registering it

Short & Long Description: Use ChatGPT to create your game’s short and long descriptions. Also, don’t forget to limit the word count to up to specific numbers for the short and long descriptions. For example, for the short description, you can specify 10 words, and 100 words for the long description. See below an example of what we inputted into ChatGPT:

Please give me 5 options for a 20 words description for a hyper casual game, it’s a puzzle and the player needs to arrange people

ChatGPT’s answer: Certainly! Here are five 20-word descriptions for your hyper-casual puzzle game where players arrange people:

  • “Solve the office seating shuffle! Arrange quirky characters by department in this addictive and challenging puzzle game. Can you ace office organization?”
  • “Put your puzzle-solving skills to the test! In this fun hyper-casual game, rearrange colorful characters into their ideal office spots.”
  • “Become the office guru! Challenge your brain in this hyper-casual puzzle game. Arrange employees into their departments for maximum productivity.”
  • “Office chaos to order! Embark on a puzzle adventure where arranging employees is the key to success. Perfect for quick, brain-teasing fun!”
  • “Workplace wonders await! Unleash your inner organizer in this hyper-casual puzzle game. Strategically seat employees for office harmony and success!”

Keywords: Use ChatGPT to discover more relevant keywords that will help in terms of SEO
You can ask to use the same keywords when writing the long description. See below an example of what we inputted into ChatGPT:

Please give me 10 options for strong keywords (in terms of SEO) to describe a hyper casual game, it’s a puzzle and the player needs to arrange people inside offices by departments

ChatGPT’s answer: Certainly! Here are 10 keywords to describe your hyper-casual puzzle game where players arrange people inside offices by departments:

  • Puzzle
  • Casual
  • Strategy
  • Office
  • Organization
  • Arrange
  • Departments
  • Brain-teaser
  • Efficiency
  • Quirky

ChatGPT as Your Game’s Customer Service Rep 

Once your game has its storefront and is up-and-running, it’s very important to answer the feedback from prospective gamers that are playing your game. This task can be very time consuming, and so you can leverage Chat GPT to provide quick answers to the gamers’ feedback. Below, is an example of a comment from a player, and how you can leverage ChatGPT to address the comment: 

Player Comment:
Great game, but the Jam collection process could use some improvements. Overall, a fun experience, but those little annoyances do add up. Looking forward to smoother gameplay in the future!

We copied and pasted the above comment into ChatGPT with the request “can you formulate an answer along the lines of “we will look into it and will try to add this fix to the next update”

Chat GPT’s answer:
“Thank you for your feedback! We’re glad you’re enjoying the game. We’re working on improving the Jam collection process, so stay tuned for a smoother experience in our next update. Your support means a lot!”

Bonus Tips for ChatGPT

Use Microsoft’s Bing as an updated version of ChatGPT. Microsoft is one of ChatGPT’s primary investors, and they have also integrated their own version of it into their search engine, Bing (Microsoft’s equivalent of Google).

So, when you use Bing, you are effectively utilizing an updated version of ChatGPT that incorporates current data. It’s a tip that can be beneficial in certain applications of ChatGPT.

  • Be creative with what you are asking 
    • Verbs , Adjectives , Alliterations , Nouns
  • Ask for a variety of options
    • Give 10 examples of , List 5 titles for 
  • Ask Detailed Questions
  • Be character specific (letter/word)
    • Start with the letter X, Use this word
  • Ask for Core game loop ideas
  • Ask for Similar games
  • Ask a Script draft for video ad
  • Ask for Difficulty and Levels ideas
  • Bonus: Use DALL-E or Midjourny for Icons and SS ideas
  • Know the limitations:
    • Chat GPT Does Not have data from the social medias (like TikTok)
    • Chat GPT does not have real-time information on current situations

*Note that all of the tips listed above will work with other language models like claude.ai, Microsoft Bing and a few others, (just note that some of them are more up to date than others).

The mobile gaming industry is continually evolving, making creativity and innovation essential for creating successful mobile games. ChatGPT is an incredibly powerful tool that can serve as your creative collaborator, assisting you in generating fresh and captivating mobile game ideas, speeding up your storefront set up, and answering gamer’s comments.

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