The Best 6 Free AI Tools for Game Developers

March 17, 2024

It’s no secret that utilizing AI in game development can be a game-changer. It expedites processes, improves efficiency, and significantly cuts costs when building your mobile game. If you’re a hyper-casual, hybrid-casual, or indie developer looking to leverage AI to streamline your daily tasks and reduce costs, this article is for you. Below, CrazyLabs’ AI Director Nir Miretzky shares the latest free AI tools that can elevate your game to new heights.

The Importance of AI in Game Development 

Other than the key reasons mentioned above, AI lets you substitute for skill sets you lack that are required for game development. For example, if you’re a developer without artistic skills, you don’t need to hire a designer to create artwork, as AI can generate assets for you. Additionally, sophisticated AI systems adapt gameplay difficulty dynamically to each player, and even create new narrative storylines on the fly based on how users interact with their virtual surroundings.

The 6 Best AI Free Tools 

HuggingChat AI Assistants / GPTs free alternatives: These tools are conversational agents who can understand natural language requests and provide helpful information or services through natural dialogs. They aim to be friendly, funny, and humble like humans. Below are a few of our favorite tools:  

  • CodeGenie by Suleman1411: This AI-powered coding assistant elevates your Unity and Python coding experience. With its advanced natural language processing capabilities, CodeGenie understands your instructions in plain language and translates them into flawless, production-ready code.
    The Best 6 Free AI Tools for Game Developers
  • Game Builder by LordVile: This tool is tailored specifically for Unreal Engine, it features an in-depth comprehension of the engine’s powerful toolset, advanced rendering capabilities, and blueprint scripting system – in other words, the building blocks for creating an immersive gaming experience.
    The Best 6 Free AI Tools for Game Developers
  • Stable Diffusion Prompt Generator by Luisrguerra: This tool creates free art using Stable Diffusion (a Midjourny alternative). It’s designed to translate abstract concepts into vivid, detailed visual narratives. In simple words, it crafts prompts to design high-quality images.
    The Best 6 Free AI Tools for Game Developers

Midjourny’s free alternative: Below are AI tools used to create realistic images and artwork from text descriptions: 

  • Stable-diffusion-v1-5 (a similar tool to Runway): The v1-5 model is an advanced iteration of a text-to-image AI tool. This tool, for better or worse, is more flexible than the other two tools listed below, just note that it has a less user-friendly UI because it’s more raw.
    The Best 6 Free AI Tools for Game Developers
  • Mage Space: This tool essentially enables you to create unlimited creations, with privacy and enhancement options. In other words, the sky is the limit with this tool as you can create almost any type of creation (including the latest SDXL model), and import any AI model, with unlimited attempts.
    The Best 6 Free AI Tools for Game Developers
  • Playgroundai: This tool gives you the freedom and innovation you need to create art, content, and game assets. It’s a standout tool as it enables you to create up to 500 images per day, and you can use the images commercially.
    The Best 6 Free AI Tools for Game Developers

*It’s super important to become very familiar with the disclaimer of each of these tools mentioned above to protect yourself legally.

Over to you — leverage these free AI tools to boost your efficiency, and speed when working on your next mobile game. 

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