What do we look for in Hyper Casual mobile games?

What do we look for in Hyper Casual mobile games?


Our experience has taught us that, much like any other game genre, creating Hyper Casual success is not always a sure thing – but if you follow a few simple rules you can develop the next big hit.
Over the last couple of years we have published many games that climbed to the top of the charts, and have come to realize that there are 3 key elements to a successful Hyper Casual mobile game:

Innovation & the WOW Effect
Your game needs to bring something new, be it an innovative idea with simple intuitive gameplay, or a creative new approach to existing game mechanics. The Hyper Casual crowd is always on the hunt for something different, a change from what they already know and so the WOW effect needs to be part of the core gameplay. If you can find a way to innovate and create a new experience, you’re already on your way.

Mass Appeal Art
The design for Hyper Casual mobile games can sometimes make or break your game. Games with abstract art, or some other Mass Appeal art, games that are easy on the eye and are not gender-based have a better chance to succeed. Keep that in mind when creating the art for your game.

Onboarding is the Key
The first 3 seconds of the video for your game should be enough for your players to understand the core of the game. Start easy, teach controls, scale up the difficulty but don’t forget relief levels. Remember your audience and create a mass market game. Your game should allow non-gamers, which only play mobile games, to feel great – to feel they are making a significant progress every time they play. In Hyper Casual games you don’t target core gamers, and so your game should be custom tailored to the non-gamers of the world. Make sure you are playtest driven, and after you launch the game – make sure you are data-driven and design your levels accordingly. We all want to believe that if we practice something, we’ll get better at it. The same goes for playing Hyper Casual mobile games.

This, in a nutshell, is what our team is looking for when they review Hyper Casual mobile games. Check out more details here: https://www.crazylabs.com/publishing/