Amazing Music

Amazing Music


AMAZE! is about to celebrate 50M downloads, and this is a great time to tell you an interesting lesson we learned from our 2019 publishing hit that has been topping the charts ever since it was released.

AMAZE! Was the result of a successful cooperation with Vectormonk, a game development studio with great game ideas and even greater people behind it.After AMAZE! was first released and became a huge hit, the team couldn’t get enough of creating videos for it. Everyday another idea was entered into the pipeline, but then, one day, a special idea emerged.

What if we had a playable ad with music? Which music should we choose? How can we break it to pieces that will best reflect the movement within the game? All these questions were soon answered as the team tried multiple music genres, and went through rigorous testing to figure out the winning sound.

But that did not end there. The success of the game video among our avid players, and the amount of new players who joined us made it very clear that we have a new game mode on our hands, and one that demonstrates great success without being actually available.

The team went on to develop and add a music mode to the game, which resulted in user value increase of almost 10%. Our music mode is now available within the game and continues to demonstrate success.

Watch the video that started it all

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