5 Tips for Mobile Games Trend Analysis

November 30, 2023

The mobile gaming industry has been a dynamic and ever-evolving landscape. Understanding the current trends in mobile games is crucial for developers, marketers, and enthusiasts alike. This article provides five essential tips for effective mobile games trend analysis, ensuring that you stay ahead in this competitive market.

Why is trend analysis important for Mobile Games Developers?

Understanding Player Preferences: It helps developers understand current player preferences and interests, allowing them to create games that resonate with the audience.

Innovation and Creativity: By understanding trends, developers can innovate and introduce new game mechanics, storylines, and features that align with emerging interests.

Monetization Strategies: It assists in formulating effective monetization strategies by understanding what players are willing to spend money on.

Marketing and Promotion: Understanding trends helps in crafting more effective marketing and promotional strategies, ensuring that advertising efforts resonate with the target audience.

Global Reach: Trend analysis at a global level allows developers to create games that appeal to a broader, international audience.

Cultural Relevance: It helps in ensuring that the game content is culturally relevant and sensitive, which is crucial in a globally connected market.

Sustainability: Long-term success in the mobile gaming industry often depends on the ability to adapt to and anticipate trends, making trend analysis an integral part of sustainable business strategy.

Most Popular ≠ Most Successful

The monthly hyper-casual trend report we provide for our partners highlights the popularity of specific themes. However, it’s important to bear in mind that the most popular themes may not always translate into the most successful or profitable ones. Base your decisions on all available information, rather than solely following current trends.

5 Tips for Mobile Games Trend Analysis

Subgenres Change Over Time

When analyzing the popular subgenres in the trend report, it’s important to compare them to previous months and identify any changes or shifts. For instance, while Runners and Arcades may remain stable, Simulation and Puzzle subgenres occasionally experience shifts, providing developers with opportunities to stand out.

5 Tips for Mobile Games Trend Analysis

1st Person Vs. 3rd Person

While the first-person perspective remains relatively niche in terms of distribution, it’s worth paying attention to and tracking. This segment has the potential to continue growing and may eventually prove to be the more optimized perspective for your next game. Don’t dismiss it entirely simply because the current numbers are low.

5 Tips for Mobile Games Trend Analysis

Decision Gates & Multipliers

Once more, these may initially appear as niche categories or actions, but it’s important to track both so you can gain a better understanding of whether the hype is waning or just beginning. Is this evolving into a feature that can increase playtime? If so, don’t underestimate its potential, and assess whether your game theme and subgenre align with these types of mechanics.

5 Tips for Mobile Games Trend Analysis

Graphics Distribution

Yes, 3D is incredibly dominant, but the reality is that some 2D Narrative and Puzzle games are performing exceptionally well in the charts. Determine your goal: while 3D games may have a lower CPI, the 2D niche can provide a better chance for your game to stand out among the competition. Take a calculated risk, but always ensure that your game has a unique ‘wow’ moment.

5 Tips for Mobile Games Trend Analysis

Effective trend analysis in mobile gaming requires a combination of data analysis, market research, and staying updated with industry changes. By following these tips, you can gain a deeper understanding of the mobile gaming landscape, anticipate market shifts, and make informed decisions for your game development and marketing strategies. Remember, staying ahead in the fast-paced world of mobile gaming is about being proactive, data-driven, and adaptive to changes.

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