5 Tips for Mobile Games Prototyping

October 18, 2023

In the competitive world of mobile game development, creating captivating and enjoyable gaming experiences is paramount. Mobile games prototyping emerges as a crucial step in the game development process, enabling developers to iterate, test, and refine their game mechanics before the final production phase.

Understanding the importance of mobile game prototypes

A game prototype is more than just a glimpse of your game; it is a powerful tool that demonstrates your vision and creativity. It allows you to validate gameplay mechanics, test user experience, and gather valuable feedback from potential players. A strong prototype can attract investors, publishers, and gaming enthusiasts alike.

Here are our 5 tips for nailing mobile games prototyping  

Check your ideas ASAP 🏃‍♂️

Don’t write bold design docs. Sometimes an idea can sound brilliant on paper, but a very rough prototype can quickly validate it. And the opposite – an apparently bad idea can turn out to play great on a device. Prototype as soon as you can (before the others do!)

5 Tips for Mobile Games Prototyping

Iterate as hell 🔥

Don’t stick to the first direction you imagined. Even if you think it’s the best way to execute – try to challenge yourself and push the game into a few different directions. This can often open many design options you wouldn’t consider in the first place. Sometimes you will get back to the first direction – this is also good!

5 Tips for Mobile Games Prototyping

Code fast & dirty 🍝

Don’t focus on quality code at this moment. Rapid prototypes can be dirty, spaghetti, not optimized and drain the battery in 30 minutes of gameplay. You will rewrite from the ground once you know what the game is really about. And use any free assets you can find as placeholders. Art and UI don’t matter at this point.

Let the others play 🕹️

Your opinion about your game might be a little biased. Give the prototype to 3 friends or relatives with a very brief intro about what it’s about. Watch them playing but don’t correct them. Did they get the controls in the first run? Did they get the goal of the game? Listen to suggestions but also filter it and try to understand the real origin of the issue.

Focus on the Feel 🎯

Define the single most important thing in your game idea and polish it. The game ‘feel’ is the core that is going to attract the players so it should be nailed down in the prototype already. Be it character, controls, camera or any other thing you imagined. Excellent controls alone can create extremely satisfying hyper casual game experiences. No need to put efforts in extra features until the core gameplay feels right.

5 Tips for Mobile Games Prototyping

In conclusion, mobile game prototyping plays a crucial role in the success of game development. By following these five essential tips, you can streamline your prototyping process and create captivating gaming experiences. 

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