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CLIK Dashboard

Leverage our fully-transparent CLIK Dashboard & Mobile App in the prototyping and testing stages to gather data-backed insights to improve your marketability


key metrics like CPI, Day 1 & Day 3 retention, usage, CVR, CTR, and other crucial KPIs


your game’s revenue and profitability data at any time 


creative performance to support continuous improvement & avoid creative fatigue

CLIK Plugin

Seamlessly integrate attribution, analytics, ads, in-app purchases, A/B testing, and privacy compliance into your apps with minimal effort. CLIK Plugin guarantees consistent behavior across apps with a minimalist API and can be added to your game in 10 minutes!

Apps DB

Our in-house cloud-based system connects to your game's Git repository and lets us select which platform (android, iOS) and version of Unity to build your game for, regardless of which computer you are working with and what is installed on it.

Proprietary Reporting Dashboard

Stay on top of your game’s A/B testing performance through our robust dashboard exposing you to ARPU, level funnel, ad breakdown by ad types, and in-app-purchases to maximize your game’s potential & profitability.

CLOK (CrazyLabs Optimization Kit)

Benefit from a highly sophisticated system that enables us to seamlessly A/B test your game-level design and ads profile configuration through data science


Empowers our monetization team to maintain day-to-day operations, optimization, & A/B testing at mass scale in the quickest and most efficient way. This cutting-edge technology boosts revenue by automatically maintaining the monetization setup and increasing the number of operations

CrazyBids User Acquisition Tech

Maximize scale at a target ROAS by optimizing user acquisition campaigns automatically across all the top ad networks, and thousands of App Id sites, OS, and GEOs to scale your game to the top of the charts

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