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Join CrazyHubs Cape Town and turn your game idea to a #1 hyper-casual game

If you’re interested in hyper-casual mobile games – we want you. Apply for the next cycle of our mobile gaming accelerator in Cape Town, South Africa, and get the ultimate hyper-casual game development training program.

About CrazyHubs

CrazyHubs is a gaming accelerator that offers professional practice in the field of hyper-casual mobile games. Our curriculum and mentorship plan is tailored for game development studios, indie game developers or even gaming schools graduates.

About Carry1st

Carry1st is the leading publisher of social games and interactive content across Africa, providing a full-stack solution, handling design, user acquisition, community, and monetization for their partners. Carry1st is now collaborating with CrazyLabs and running the hyper-casual gaming accelerator in Cape Town, South Africa.

The Admission Process

Online Registration
Q&A Sessions
Submit a Home Assignment
An Online Interview
Final Approval
Hub Launch


Apply for the Program

Apply for the Program

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Q: Who can participate?

A: Anyone above 18 years of age and who is willing to physically be located at the hub in Cape Town for a minimum duration of 3 months, 40 hours a week. 

Q: Can I apply if I’m not a Unity Developer?

CrazyHubs Cape Town is a gaming accelerator, and as such hub members are expected to have basic knowledge in Unity. However, if you’re not a developer, we urge you to find a Unity developer and join forces. In the meantime, you can do the home assignment and create only the design segment.

Q: Can I apply without a team?

A: Yes, you can apply as solo or as a team with other hub applicants.

Q: Can we apply as a team?

A: Yes, you can apply in teams of up to 2 people, as long as at least 1 member of the team is a Unity developer. We urge you to apply as a team. 

Q: What is the content of the education program?

A: There will be a range of lessons lectured by the professionals of CrazyLabs team, about product, marketing, business, LiveOps management of hyper-casual games. There will also be technical sessions about Unity development, UI/UX and Game Design from experts, and daily mentorship sessions.

Q: When are we going to start developing our hyper-casual games?

A: You will start developing games with CrazyLabs guidance starting from the 2nd week, after the initial lessons.

Q: Can I join the program online?

A: No, you must physically attend 5 days a week at the hub location in Cape Town.

Q: Do I receive office equipment during the hub program?

A: You’ll need to bring your own laptop and equipment, but you’ll have a dedicated office space for you and your team.

Q: Do I get a certificate after completing the hub program?

A: Yes. After you complete the hub program, you will receive the CrazyHubs Diploma – a certificate about your participation in the hub.

Q: Do I get financial support during the hub program?

A: Yes, indeed. During the hub program, all hub members will receive a monthly stipend.

Q: Will my games be published by CrazyLabs?

A: Yes, if the games you developed during the hub program pass our internal tests, we will publish your games in app stores, and you will receive a profit share.