Welcome to CrazyHubs – Israel


Registration for the 2nd cycle of our acceleration program is now closed.
You are more than welcome to apply for the 3rd cycle, which will start later this year (2021).

Join CrazyHub Israel and lets create #1 hyper-casual games together.
You are now invited to join the next squad of studios with hyper-potential.
Come and learn everything you need to know about hyper-casual mobile games.

CrazyHubs Requirements:

1.  Desire to get into hyper-casual mobile game development.

2.  All applicants are requested to send a link to their game portfolio.

3.  All applicants are requested to submit a home assignment (for non-commercial purposes).

4.  Teams must include at least 1 Unity developer.

5.  You must be willing and able to join the program for 3 full months, with an option for extension to 6 months.

6.  You and your team must be based in Israel.

You acknowledge that the information you submit will be used according to our Privacy Policy at: https://crazylabs.com/pps.