Welcome to CrazyHubs – Mumbai, India

Registration to our hyper-casual accelerator is now OPEN!

CrazyLabs and Firescore Interactive invite you to join CrazyHubs India
and learn everything you need to know about hyper-casual.
Our curriculum and mentorship plan is tailored for game development
studios, indie game developers or even gaming schools graduates.
Join the physical hub for a full training program about hyper-casual mobile games.


About Firescore Interactive:

Firescore Interactive is a mobile games development studio from Mumbai, India.
With over 7 years of mobile game development experience, Firescore Interactive are a seasoned
and successful studio. Further to the success of Soap Cutting (over 70 million downloads)
and Acrylic Nails (close to 60 million downloads), Firescore Interactive are now collaborating
with CrazyLabs with the new hyper-casual gaming accelerator – CrazyHubs Mumbai, India.

CrazyHubs Terms:

  • A fun and inspiring work environment within a dedicated office space.
  • A strong partner – a leading mobile games developer and publisher with over a decade of experience.
  • Professional training in the field of hyper-casual, including hands-on guidance from senior executives and mentorship sessions from industry experts.
  • All graduates will receive a completion certificate – The CrazyHubs Diploma.
  • A monthly payment for each team member for the duration of the program.
  • A profit share plan for games developed within the program time period.

CrazyHubs Requirements:

  • Desire to get into hyper-casual mobile game development.
  • All applicants are requested to send a link to their game portfolio.
  • All applicants are requested to submit a home assignment (for non-commercial purposes).
  • Teams must include at least 1 Unity developer.
  • You must be willing and able to join the program for 3 full months, with an option for extension to 6 months.
  • You and your team must be based in India.
  • The program is scheduled to start on May 17, 2021.
    *Start date is subject to lockdown guidelines and regulations.
    **All confirmed hub members will be notified accordingly.

  • Registration starts

  • Meetings with applicants

  • Team interviews

  • Finalists announced

  • CrazyHubs Mumbai launched


Portfolio instructions:

Gaming oriented portfolio is a MUST, we will not review a submission without a portfolio.

We are looking to see:

  1. Hyper casual game/assets portfolio (best option)
  2. Casual game/assets portfolio (could show us your skill)
  3. Any other game/assets portfolio (Indie / AAA / Students projects/Game Jams etc..)

How to send Games portfolios:

  1. Send us as a GP/iOS store link (The best way)
  2. A YouTube link with a video portfolio (a mix of your best games) –  (Second best)
  3. Screenshots of your games (Worse option (but better than nothing))
Please Don’t send:
  • APKs
  • Unity Code / Unity Folders / other engines based games
If you are sending the portfolio as a team:
Send the best games/assets mixed together (we don’t need it divided to members) – but just the best of each, (you can add a name to each game/asset)
*If you have multiple portfolios in your team, please combine them all into one Drive link. You can send us video clips of your games along with the APKs
Tell us about your studio and apply for CrazyHubs Mumbai, India:
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Q: Who can participate?

A: Anyone above 18 years of age, that is willing to physically come to the hub in Mumbai can participate in the program.

Q: Can I apply if I’m not a Unity Developer?

Crazyhubs Mumbai is a gaming accelerator, and as such hub members are expected to have basic knowledge in Unity. However, if you’re not a developer, we urge you to find a Unity developer and join forces. In the meantime you can do the home assignment and create only the design segment.

Q: Can I apply without a team?

A: Yes, you can apply as solo and team up with other hub applicants.  

Q: Can we apply as a team?

A: Yes, you can apply in teams of up to 3 people, as long as at least 1 member of the team is a Unity developer. We urge you to apply as a team.

Q: How are the hub members selected?

A: We ask you to submit your portfolio while applying. After that we’ll arrange an introduction call, and afterwards you’ll be asked to submit a home assignment (for non-commercial purposes). Successful applicants will also have an interview before the CrazyHubs team announces the finalists.

Q: What is the content of the education program?

A: There will be a range of lessons lectured by the professionals of CrazyLabs team, about product, marketing, business, LiveOps management of hyper-casual games. There will also be technical sessions about Unity development, UI/UX and Game Design from experts, and daily mentorship sessions.

Q: When are we going to start developing our hyper-casual games?

A: You will start developing games with CrazyLabs guidance starting from the 2nd week, after the initial lessons.

Q: Can I join the program online?

A: No, you must physically attend 5 days a week at the hub location in Mumbai.

Q: Do I receive office equipment during the hub program?

A: You’ll need to bring your own laptop and equipment, but you’ll have a dedicated office space for you and your team.

Q: Do I get a certificate after completing the hub program?

A: Yes. After you complete the hub program, you will receive the CrazyHubs Diploma – a certificate about your participation in the hub.

Q: Do I get financial support during the hub program?

A: Yes, indeed. During the hub program all hub members get a monthly payment.

Q: Will my games be published by CrazyLabs?

A: Yes, if the games you developed during the hub program passes our internal tests, we will publish your games in the app stores.