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Get everything you need to create your hit game

Access 300+ dedicated gaming pros to guide you through every publishing process in hyper, hybrid & casual

Give your game a chance beyond CPI

We test your game’s marketability by looking at a range of metrics like Day 1 and 24-hour playtime — not just CPI

Make $ from games, even if they didn’t reach the top charts

We’re the only publisher in the industry that lets you publish games that pass key testing stages, even if they failed to scale

Thrive with our creative ideation team

The CrazyLabs ideation team leverages our internal data & extensive testing to help you generate proven, brilliant game ideas — and even give you the game idea itself

Dominate premium gaming platforms

We’ll grow your game’s exposure and make it available on leading gaming platforms like Xbox, PlayStation, and Steam PC Games

CLIK Dashboard

The CrazyLabs user-friendly, innovative dashboard shows you exactly how your game is performing at all times

  • Start testing within minutes
  • Gain full transparency of your entire testing and publishing funnel
  • Track key testing metrics in real-time on Google Play, App Store, Facebook, and TikTok
  • Gather crucial insights to improve your future games
  • The only testing dashboard available on mobile

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