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Access over 300+ dedicated gaming professionals in game product, design, ideation, and data analytics to guide you through every step of the publishing process hybrid, hyper and casual gaming.

Give your game a chance beyond CPI

We conduct a highly comprehensive analysis to ensure that we do not overlook a game's marketability potential. This is accomplished by conducting tests on iOS, GP, Facebook, TikTok, Google Ads, and SDK networks, and measuring metrics such as Day 1 and 24-hour playtime, rather than solely focusing on CPI.

Make $ from games, even if they didn’t reach the top charts

We're the first gaming publisher to offer developers the unique opportunity to profit from their games, even if they failed to scale, under the developer's account through the Publishing For All program (PFA). Learn more about our approach here.

Thrive with our creative ideation team

The CrazyLabs Ideation team identifies and tests game ideas to provide you with fully-developed game concepts that often have proven marketability. Through our testing process and internal data, we validate game concepts to increase your chances of success.

Dominate premium gaming platforms

We’re the only established game publisher to offer our partner studios a truly once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to publish games on the world’s top consoles like Nintendo Switch, Xbox and PlayStation. This excellent opportunity to generate an additional revenue stream.

CLIK Dashboard

The CrazyLabs user-friendly, innovative dashboard shows you exactly how your game is performing at all times

  • Start testing within minutes
  • Gain full transparency of your entire testing and publishing funnel
  • Track key testing metrics in real-time on Google Play, App Store, Facebook, and TikTok
  • Gather crucial insights to improve your future games
  • The only testing dashboard available on mobile

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