Publishing #1 Mobile Games

CrazyLabs is a leader in  hyper-casual game development and publishing

When it comes to hyper-casual mobile game publishing, our biggest win isn’t being a top 3 mobile games publisher or crossing 4.5 billion downloads.
Our biggest win is our partners – CrazyLabs partners with over 350 game development studios around the world.

We are always open to work with new studios and indie game developers.
We invite you to submit your game and get the tools, the knowledge and the financial support you need to create a #1 hit game.

Apply now and get easy access to the CLIK Dashboard – CrazyLabs’ self-serve platform.
The CLIK Dashboard enables you to monitor the entire publishing process and usage funnel with full transparency, so you can easily scale your game.


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Introducing: Publishing For All

CrazyLabs creates additional publishing opportunities
and new revenue channels for hyper-casual game developers

As a leading hyper-casual developer and publisher – we are deeply familiar with the needs of game developers. 

Publishing For All creates an additional revenue stream that wasn’t available until today.
This unique proposal was tailored to support game developers and help them release and scale games that may have otherwise not been published.

Games considered for the program will need a promising retention or ARPU that will be defined per case, as well as a CPI of up to $0.8.
We invite you to send your game video and apply for the CLIK Dashboard – our self-serve platform for testing and monitoring the publishing process.