CrazyLabs Tournament Mode

CrazyLabs Tournament mode is time-limited and applies within a specific game.In CrazyLabs Tournament Mode, players who reach the top scores by the end of a predefined time period are eligible for prizes in the form of Amazon Gift Cards. 

At the end of a tournament, if you qualify as one of the winners and are eligible for an Amazon Gift Card as per the terms, you will see a screen within the mobile game with all the information needed to claim your prize and redeem your gift card.


You can claim your prize by tapping the AMAZON GIFT CODE button.

This will reveal the code for your Amazon gift card. 

Tapping on the REDEEM A GIFT CARD button will take you to the Amazon Website where you can redeem your gift card by copy pasting the code into the appropriate input field.


If you haven’t claimed your prize, you can also claim prize by going into the settings menu and selecting the Past Winnings option.



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