Monetization & CRM Lead

Crazy Labs is looking for a Monetization & CRM Lead to head our lifestyle game studio’s Live-Ops Team.

The brand-new team’s CRM efforts will drive an increase in revenues and retention, by:

  • Using player segmentation to build different funnels
  • Serving the relevant offers at the right time to the relevant segment
  • Building and managing the event calendar to keep the game fresh
  • Coming up with cool events, promotions and ideas that will keep the player engaged over time by both hacking the current system capabilities and developing the needed functionality

As Live-Ops Manager, you’ll build, lead and manage the live-ops strategy and execution while working closely with the game analysts, game designers, operations and artists.

This position is perfect for someone who:

  • Is an entrepreneur at heart
  • Is a team player by nature
  • Is analytically driven
  • Feels comfortable with technology
  • Gets stuff done


  • Increase the revenues and retention KPIs from existing players
  • Identify low-hanging opportunities that result in increased revenues
  • Keep the game fresh by constantly introducing new activities, promotions and events
  • Take full ownership of the event calendar and the needed adjustments throughout the month
  • Build and manage different player segments in order to extract maximum value from them
  • Execute the live-ops plan you have built (hands-on, at the first stage)
  • Work closely with the game designers, analysts, management and game economy teams to add relevant features and adjust the new features to fit the liveops capabilities 
  • Launch new features to ensure maximum impact (penetration, revenues, retention)
  • Implement a live-ops system and introduce work processes that lead to quick market execution of campaigns with minimal (or close to zero) errors
  • Develop and manage supporting metrics to help better understand what’s happening in the game and what improvements are needed

You should have:

  • At least 3 years of experience managing CRM or live-ops teams in the gaming (or online/mobile) world
  • Proven success increasing revenues from existing players
  • An understanding of players’ and consumers’ psychology and how to leverage it to generate more revenues
  • Fluent English

You should be:

  • KPI driven
  • Able to stay focused and move the needle
  • Passionate about mobile games 
  • Able to think like a hacker - always striving to hack existing systems and infrastructures for your needs, without the need for any dev/extensive dev.
  • A creative thinker with the ability to work with artists, copywriters and analysts
  • Data-driven and able to lead analytical discussions 
  • An entrepreneur by nature - someone with a vision and the will to make it happen, despite internal challenges
  • Comfortable working in a remote international working environment