2D Marketing Artist

Crazy labs is looking for a full-time, experienced, world-class Senior 2D Marketing Artist to join our CrazyLabs family!


You'll be working on a variety of exciting projects and tasks with different departments and team members under tight schedules. We are looking for someone who is highly motivated, self-driven, organized, focused, self-sufficient and able to multitask, and respond quickly in time-pressured circumstances.


Job Description:


  • Ability to adapt to well defined, existing game art-style as well as develop new art styles according to creative briefs.
  • Ability to come up with quick rough sketches, variety of ideas & creative solutions for different tasks.
  • Develop and create highly polished key art images for marketing campaigns.
  • Develop and execute 2D (or 3D visual assets) like characters, backgrounds, props, UI elements from rough concept & sketches to finished product
  • Collaborate with other teams to ensure a full understanding of creative objectives and ensure they are executed accurately.
  • Keep up with the latest trends in games, concept art, storytelling, video production, social media 




  • A strong portfolio showcasing characters/environment/illustration/color/typography skills (must include entertainment related concepts, from mobile games and/or animated movies/shows/commercials - casual mobile games preferred).
  • Strong creative vision, communication skills, artistic intuition and problem solving abilities. Ability to handle and receive constructive feedback.
  • Constant drive to grow, learn, improve and develop as an artist.
  • Strong technical skills in order to effectively execute and produce illustrations/designs for diverse media.
  • Great attention to details & aesthetics. Attuned eye for various visual styles and knowledge to adapt to the style required in the creative briefs.
  • Self-motivated, driven, professional, detail oriented.
  • Execute creative assignments alone as well as with other studio artists.
  • Maintain consistently high standards of work that will enhance the production value of the assets.
  • Ability to apply storytelling in the design concepts.
  • Apply critical thinking skills to provide elegant and simple solutions.
  • Understanding and familiarity with the different existing mobile market art styles (casual, HC, etc) - A must.
  • Passion for mobile games.
  • Fast learner and a true, passionate team-player - A must.
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