How to make money from developing Hyper Casual mobile games?

Tuesday, July 16th, 2019

Being passionate about game development is amazing, getting paid for your hard work is great, but the combination of the two is the holy grail. Game development is a fun, exciting and very creative work - but it’s work nonetheless, and game developers want to get paid for all the hard work they invested in their game. This is why most of the indie game developers today work with top global publishers that can help them push their game to the top of the store charts.

But reaching the top of the charts doesn’t guarantee you’ll make money from your game. You need to make sure you are working with a publisher that understands you have mutual interests. That is why our developers get paid starting from their first successful trial and throughout the release period of the game - and paying them is a top priority for us.

However, games sometimes need to be tuned again and again in order to pass usage & marketability tests. In order to help our developers and make sure they succeed, our publishing team collaborates with developers and offers assistance every step of the way, with all aspects of the game such as: game design, level design, graphics, UI, gameplay and last but definitely not least: monetization. This way we can ensure that your golden goose will actually produce the golden eggs you need, right from the start.

Our Summer Blitz continues - we’re investing $500,000 in indie game developers and you can get up to $50,000 signing bonus if you send us your Hyper Casual mobile game. We invite you to send your game and see if you are eligible for our special summer plan >>