Why are hyper casual mobile games so popular?

Why are hyper casual mobile games so popular?


If you’re a fan of light, quick & fun games, or maybe even a developer of such Hyper Casual games – you probably couldn’t help but notice the continuing rise in the no. of games from this genre in the app stores.


These games were always in the stores, even before flappy bird and crossy road, and long before they were called Hyper Casual games. These are truly mobile first games – with quick sessions, and core gameplay focus, Hyper Casual games are built for mobile more than any other F2P mobile genre we see in the stores.




In the last couple of years our publishing team has been bombarded with thousands of Hyper Casual games, coming in from amazing indie developers located all over the world. So why are these games so popular? The answer can be put into one word: FUN. Hyper Casual games are fun to play, easy to understand, and simple to promote. These games are much quicker than deeper games and show great potential for massive ROI. They sometimes go viral very easily, but most of all – they’re also fun to work on and develop. Our best example is AMAZE!


AMAZE! is the result of a successful cooperation between Crazy Labs’ Publishing team and Vectormonk, an indie game development studio that was looking for a way to publish their game and climb the charts. As part of our strategy, which is to offer our expertise and know-how to developers who want to publish their Hyper Casual games, the team reviewed the game and immediately recognized it’s potential.

Vectormonk Studio mentioned that since the publishing process included a full package supporting all aspects of the game (game design, level design, graphics, UI, gameplay & monetization) – it became easier to tune it to perfection. A common industry standard is to look for over 50% retention on Day 1, and that’s why the team was literally AMAZE!d to see the game get over 70% D1 retention. As it is with the Hyper Casual genre – the game quickly came to life and was released via Crazy Labs.

Further to popular requests, our publishing team is now ready to accept new Hyper Casual games into our pipeline.


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