The 5 Best GPTs for Game Developers

January 30, 2024

OpenAI, the creators of ChatGPT, have recently launched their latest AI user interface (UI) tool known as GPTs. These are ‘specialized’ ChatGPTs designed for specific tasks and can be filtered based on the number of users per task. The GPTs Store (Preview in the image below) is a collection of GPTs that enables users to explore and select finely-tuned GPTs. 

The 5 Best GPTs for Game Developers


Below, CrazyLabs’ Director of Innovation, Nir Miretzky, shares five useful GPTs that could help game developers, especially in the hyper and hybrid-casual genres, boost their efficiency and speed up mobile game development.

Unity Helper By Jesus Angarita 

This tool will help you read code, optimize it, and find bugs. In the example below, we asked it to explain a Unity Editor script that creates a custom editor window. First, the GPTs provided an introduction for the specific code review. Secondly, the GPTs broke the code into the various categories below (see the image below the categories):  

  • Namespace Imports
  • Class Definition
  • Summon Method
  • CreateGUI Method
  • Setting Up UIElements
  • Configuring the ListView
  • These lines configure the ListView
  • itemsSource

The 5 Best GPTs for Game Developers

GPTs: In summary, this script creates a custom editor window in Unity that displays a list of planets. Each planet is represented as a label in a ListView control. The script assumes that there is a data source named planets containing the information to display.

Now, it’s your turn to paste your code for optimization, fine-tune it, or gain a better understanding of others’ code.

Game Designer Guru By Jiaying Li

This simple yet powerful tool can help you create your game’s Game Design Document (GDD) more efficiently and ensure clarity for others. Although it’s challenging for this GPTs to understand the hyper-casual model, it’s relatively familiar with the causal model, and you can tweak it from there. See the example below: 

Me: Write me a GDD for a hyper-casual runner game using tentacles

The 5 Best GPTs for Game Developers
As we can see from the example above, this GDD outlines the core aspects of Tentacle Dash, setting a clear direction for development. It’s important to note that you can iterate with the result, ask the GPTs to replace or improve specific elements, and remove sections. 

Pro tip: You can also ask GPTs to provide a visual mock-up of the game as a reference (see example below):
The 5 Best GPTs for Game Developers

Game Texture Genius By

With this tool, you can create game-oriented textures and seamless textures. Below are two examples of how I leveraged the tool: 

  1. I requested the GPTs to design a textured example for a hotel-themed game’s carpet. See below the illustration it created:
    The 5 Best GPTs for Game Developers
  2. I requested the GPTs to design a whimsical background for a 2D platformer. See the answer below:
    GPTs: Awesome choice! Whimsical backgrounds can really bring a 2D platformer to life. Before I start designing, I have a few questions to better tailor the texture to your vision:

    Setting and Theme: What’s the setting of your game? Are we talking about magical forests, candy lands, outer space, etc.?
    Color Scheme: Any specific colors you’d like to dominate the background? Vibrant and bright, pastel shades, or maybe a mix?
    Key Elements: Are there specific elements you want included? Things like floating islands, whimsical trees, oversized mushrooms, etc. can add a lot of character.
    Art Style: What’s the art style you’re going for? Cartoonish, pixel art, hand-drawn, or something else?
    Level of Detail: How detailed should the background be? Do you prefer something more simplistic or with intricate details?

After we answered all of the above GPTs clarifications requests, below is an example of the seamless textured design it created:

The 5 Best GPTs for Game Developers

MJ Prompt Generator (V6) By

This tool will help you build any Midjourney V6 prompt needed for your game creation. You simply need to share your game’s specific needs and answer the GPTs’ clarification questions, and you’ll receive the perfect prompt.

For example, I wanted to come up with a maze-based hyper-casual game concept, and it created for me the below prompt: 

A simplistic yet intriguing labyrinth, direct top view, clear paths with gentle curves, set in a bright, minimalist environment. Vivid colors, soft shadows, playful atmosphere. Created Using: digital illustration, smooth lines, pastel color palette, soft lighting, clear contrast, casual game art style, engaging design, X prompt, hd quality, natural look –ar 9:16 –v 6.0

Below is a screenshot of a puzzle-based hyper-casual maze design made with this prompt: Direct Top view of a simple brick maze, showcasing pastel tones and clean lines for a soothing and relaxing simple gaming experience, minimalist art style –ar 9:16 –v 6.0

The 5 Best GPTs for Game Developers

Shader Compiler By Solomon Storm Wood

This amazing tool is a shader programming GPTs. I asked the GPTs to compile a shader for a dynamic cave ceiling; see their answer below:

GPTs: To create a dynamic cave ceiling shader, I will compile a shader code that utilizes noise functions to simulate rocky textures and subtle movement, emulating a cave ceiling. This shader will be compatible with Unity 2022 and optimized for both AMD and Nvidia GPUs. Please note that this shader is primarily for 2D surfaces.

The code: Download the Shader Code here

The 5 Best GPTs for Game Developers

This shader creates a dynamic texture effect on the cave ceiling. The _MovementSpeed property controls the speed of the movement.

Remember to assign a suitable texture to _MainTex and adjust the propertie _MovementSpeed as needed in the Unity Material Editor to achieve the desired effect.

The 5 Best GPTs for Game Developers

* Thanks to CrazyLabs’ Dimitri Kajhanidis for his help on the Code Review.

There you have it—the list of the current best GPTs for mobile game development. Just keep in mind that with the launch of the new GPTs Store, the collection of ‘specialized’ GPTs will constantly update and expand. We encourage you to explore and experiment to find what works best for you.

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