Tricky Tapping

Wednesday, January 15th, 2020

In this post we’d like to share with you some info about a game we developed early on in 2019. This game needed some extra attention before it flew up the charts, and it’s called Tricky Taps.

While the game mechanics of Tricky Taps seem simple enough, when first launched it was obvious that the players are missing something. After analyzing the initial data, the team saw It was as if the players were not sure how to move forward in the game, and what it takes to finish each level. For us it was a sign that we need to change something.

Below you can see sample screenshots used to describe the game:

In cases like these, the immediate instinct is to revise the game. But the charm of Tricky Taps was in its simplicity, and all the trials we did tempered with that. We quickly understood that this is not the way to solve this riddle. We had to find some other way to help players better understand the game, and unravel the mystery - what are we missing and how come this game isn’t clear enough?

Our goal in hyper Casual games is to have players understand how to play within the initial 3 seconds of the game video. It’s one of the key elements that can sometime make or break a game, and we always stress the importance of it to any game developer. With that in mind, we decided to try and first change the video - not the game. Our team of experts created a small but significant change in the game video and simply displayed the tapping. Suddenly, everything was clear. People started installing the game, and more importantly - players were finally playing continuously, moving forward from one level to another and spending enjoyable time with our game. That one simple frame has made all the difference and the game went up the charts immediately.

Here you can find the video that skyrocketed the game:

And here are some sample screenshots after we solved the mystery to successful Tricky Tapping:

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