The AMAZE Challenge is ON!

Tuesday, December 8th, 2020

Reach level 300,000 by New Year 2021 (!!) and win $500 in an Amazon voucher 

CrazyLabs is celebrating its faithful community of players, with record-breaking results including over 600 players who passed level 100,000, 30 who passed level 200,000 and a 1 who passed level 300,000 (!!) for the popular game which crossed 70,000,000 downloads. 

  • Are you an AMAZEing player? Have you crossed level 100,000 or more? Send Us your picture with your level and you will have a chance to win this Cool T-shirt!

  • Heavy Weight? 5 players who reach level 300,000 by Jan 7, 2021 will get a chance to receive  a $500 Amazon voucher.

Players are invited to submit their screenshot with their level for a chance to win.

Are you still here? Go play AMAZE!