How to Pitch Hyper Casual Games

Monday, February 17th, 2020

So... How do you pitch Hyper Casual games to Top 10 mobile game publishers?

Let’s start with the truth: Hyper Casual mobile game publishers get hundreds of pitches, prototypes and game submissions on a weekly basis. To make it through you need to have not just an excellent idea - you need to pitch it like a pro.
Over the years we’ve learned that there are simple rules to a great pitch, and that anyone can create it. Here are some of the guidelines we’ve formed further to our extensive work as a top 10 mobile game publisher:)

1. Contact Details
Write your name, your studio name and your email - and stick to the details the publisher knows about you. It’ll be easier for them to find you and your pitch will be processed faster. If you are sending the publisher your pitch for the very first time - you can add 1-2 sentences about your previous game success, if there was one. Remember - this is not a place for your CV, just a single sentence about your past experience.

2. A Descriptive Name
Your game name and icon should tell the story for you, and the same goes for your game pitch. If you can choose a descriptive name that will usher the reader into the pitch - you’re already a mile ahead. Remember - you can always change the name later.

Don’t forget a descriptive name for your pitch filenameAdd a date and a version number to your first slide.

3. About the Game
Tell us in one paragraph what the game is about. What is original about it? Where is the innovation? If you need more than one paragraph - it’s not Hyper Casual.
Example: it’s a war against aliens, you are saving the world, they are well organized but you are smart, fast & you hold a big cannon. You use your shields as cover. Shooting through the shields is very unique & satisfying.

4. Core Gameplay
Describe the core gameplay in half a paragraph.
Example: You need to move a canon on a rail & fire at the aliens. They move  in lines from one side to the other & drop bombs, each time they reach one side of the screen they will get down, closer to you, and move faster. Collect blasted aliens particles & power ups to get faster, bigger & stronger.

5. Add Animated Gifs
Embed animated gifs to better pitch the gameplay. They are short & get your message across very fast.

6. Lose condition
If your game has lose conditions, describe it in two lines.
Example: when the aliens touch you, you die. If bombs touch you, you die. If the aliens reach the bottom, you….well, you die.

7. Controls
Describe controls in two lines.
Example: swipe & hold to move, release to stop & shoot, collect power-ups by touching them with the canon. Shooting triggers haptics. The bigger the cannon, the bigger the haptics sensation.

8. Fun Elements
Describe the Fun elements in the game and explain why we should all be playing it.
Example: blasting aliens is a popular ASMR trend these days on Twitch. Collecting alien’s particles and upgrading your cannon are satisfying actions.

9. Inspiration
Less words, more visuals. Use pictures that inspire, include references and use examples from other games if needed.
Example: We’ll have the art style of Soap Cutting particles & color palettes from Dentist Bling. The Control will be similar to “Amaze” swipes and stops.
10. Difficulty and Progress
Explain the game difficulty and describe the progress throughout the game.
Example: Level based progress - the mutual upgrade of bigger, stronger cannons along with bad-ass aliens in every new level, will keep the player in his flow.
Collecting enough alien particles becomes harder and harder when you need to shoot fast and remain accurate, but when you time your power-ups use, it gives you relaxation time to collect & upgrade before the next round. 
Unlock additional super powers, themes and different cannons all backed up with matched haptics: laser beams, double cannon, Napoleon cannon, nukes, freeze bombs etc.

11. How do I get better?
Show how the players can get better at it while playing, in 2-3 sentences.
Example: Learn to control the lean cannon moves, become more accurate and use the power-ups at the right time, learn how to equip your cannon with the right upgrades that are better fitted for the next alien theme.

12. Art Style References
Gifs and videos of the desired art are the best way to present your idea, preferably something that was previously done by the same team in the past.  Example:Retro Pixel art in  
 an Hyper Casual style envelope (Abstract, fake 3D, smooth), Cyber theme backgrounds we designed while we developed Half Life 3.

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