About Scaling Your Game

Sunday, February 9th, 2020

How to form a habit that can help scale your game?

Hyper Casual games are lightweight, instantly playable, and infinitely replayable - making them very engaging. There is a reason why we all love playing mobile games, and why practically everyone around you plays - and that reason is our brain. Hope you’re ready cause we’re diving in!

Neurologists who researched the human brain coined the phrase Neuroplasticity, and explained that it is that plasticity that enables our brain to form habits. When our brain notices that we are repeating some kind of action or process, it forms a habit. This means that our brain now knows that whenever we take that action, it is required to “walk the same path” as last time, and like any other action you take - practice makes perfect.

So when a mobile game is instantly playable and infinitely replayable - our brain is wired to want to do it again and form a habit. This is why it’s important that your game will be clear from the first 3 seconds of your game video, and why you want your first levels to be fun and easy to master.

Once a habit is formed, our brain is also on a mission to improve our performance. It wants to make the process more and more effective by automating it - which gives us a feeling that we’re getting better at it. That feeling is necessary in order to create retention in Hyper Casual mobile games, and keep players coming back to your game. It’s also the basis for the entire theory behind level design.

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